Country Club Vacation – Kuteeram

Country-Club-Vacation-KuteeramIf you want to spend a weekend rejuvenating at leisure, the Country Club Kuteeram can be your destination to overall well-being.

The Country Club Kuteeram is a complete rejuvenation centre located at a distance of about 60 kilometers from Hyderabad. The location of the spa and the tranquil setting itself is enough to revitalize your senses. Professionals at the spa will help you thoroughly with a personalized wellness program which will include finest natural therapeutic services.

The Kuteeram has an Ayurvedic Health Spa where the guests indulge in the aromatic healing sessions. A yoga hall and Shiro Dhara Therapy centre, where the guests are attended by experts. Along with these special facilities, the guests can also relax in the swimming pool or play indoor & outdoor games. There is a children’s play area to keep them entertained. All in all, the Country Club Kuteeram is a retreat for the complete family. Food also takes an important place in the complete set-up. The guests can maintain a wholesome diet at the Satvik Restaurant, which serves food as recommended by the club’s certified dieticians.

As their website states, the Country Club Vacationc Kuteeram truly is your destination to shape a superior physical, mental and social well-being.