Sunday Brunch At Country Club Vacation India – Kool Undri Pune

Sunday-Brunch-Country-Club Vacation-IndiaCountry Club Vacation India provides you the most luxurious, and enjoyable experiences that you deserve. At Country Club India, you can enjoy four kinds of hospitalities, for life – finest social clubbing, unlimited holiday packages, fitness at elite fitness centers and star-studded events – all in just one membership!

With over 186 locations across the India, Country Club Vacation is one of the finest chains of family clubs, and is rightly dubbed as the “Biggest Chain of Family Clubs in India”. As a member, you get customized holiday packages and international packages as well.

To help you on the go, Country Club India has also come up with their mobile app which helps you keep updated, cherish your old memories, helps you find club anywhere and keeps you updated about the upcoming events.

One such event that will entice your taste buds is the Sunday Brunch at Country Club Cool Undri Pune. If you love food and socializing, do not miss out on this event where a delectable cuisine awaits you. Don’t wait anymore; book yourself for this brunch now!

Food and Beverages are chargeable. Limited seats only!

Event Details:
Sunday Brunch: Country Club Kool Undri Pune
Date: 3rd July, 2016 Time: 12:00 PM
Contact: 020 26804831/32/33/34